Functions Consultants

LastMileOps provides expertice and tools to help automate Salesforce Functions deployments and migrations specializing in:
- Support existing client migrations to Heroku
- Provide Hosted Functions Alternative
- Expand customer Functions to Apps
- General Functions consulting

Companion Tools that simplifies Salesforce Solutions.

Force Companion provides visibility, performance optimization, and cost management for a variety of SalesForce applications
Image of Salesforce Functions Companion

Visibility and Control of Salesforce Implementations.

Force Companion is an Application Performance Management (APM) solution for Salesforce applications. Force Companion provides the visibility and control needed to optimize performance and manage costs by tracking and reporting real-time data on Salesforce application execution. Many benefits include:

Budget breakdown

Daily, weekly, and monthly cost for each deployed application.

Total cost insight

Total costs over time.


Estimated cost projections.

Execution times

Apex and application execution times.

Hundreds of Accounts

Asynchronous invocation delays, callback durations.

Status checks

Memory consumption and errors messages.

Benefits that go beyond the basics.

developer Benefits.

Force Companion provides the real time visibility and control needed to pinpoint performance bottlenecks and stay within Salesforce Platform limits.

operator Advantages.

Force Companion tracks consumption and provides detailed execution times to determine overall consumption and associated costs.

Force Companion is a Lightning App installed from the AppExchange and includes dashboards for operators and developers, as well as tools to instrument various applications.